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Finaly a fresh approach to generating traffic
Promote your online business

There are so many ways to drive visitors to your site .  It will take a combination to be really effective.
We have investigated many of the web promotion methods and have found the following come up tops. Be sure to measure your results, so you can concentrate your resources on the method that works for you - select our training button to see how.

Explode your sales - email safe lists

100% opt in safe lists. Using the Total Saturation email system, you'll be able to send your offers to all members of these groups.

Simply access your online email system (we will give you one), type in your ad and click on the send button. You can never be accused of spam. No flames, no complaints, no hassles that are usually associated with email campaigns. No specail software required.

You can use the Total Saturation email system EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK to reach any number of people by direct email interested in receiving offers of almost every type.
Click here for immediate access.

Email Promotion

How To Reach Millions Via Email.
At the risk of sounding sensational, the awesome potential of email marketing is the only real "secret" that you need to know when it comes to marketing your business online. And the only reason it can be called a secret is because so many marketers just don't get i t the fact that email has always been, and still is, the most powerful online marketing medium of all.

Ezine Directory

Lifestyle Publishing has one of  the most comprehensive directory of Ezines on the net. The searchable directory lets you return a list of publications that you can use to target your ad campaign.  Ezine broadcast facilities and Ad packages are also available to automate the process for you

The Ezine guide will give you all the elements you need to succesfully mount ezine advertising campaigns .

Ezine Publicity

"Awesome! Rick's EMM is superb advice... And an easy read! As an author and editor of three e-zines (one with over 60,000 subscribers), I can not only attest to the fact that his no-nonsense approach is true let alone essential, but it can also help almost anyone with a keyboard-in-hand a genuine desire to succeed to really make it on the Internet. I highly, highly recommend it!

Free classifieds

The largest list of free classified ad sites on the net. A classified ad broadcaster service, blasts your ad to over 800 sites. A State by State classified ad listing.

 Unlimited - automated search engine submissions. A custom web page you can design, with no programming experience

Free For All (FFA) Traffic

Back in the old days (in Internet time, two years ago was "the old days"), submitting your site to free link pages (FFA pages) was not a bad way to promote your business. That is, for a small amount of effort, you could get a medium amount of traffic.

The theory was: "If you submit to one hundred FFA sites, you may get a click or two. Automate this process and submit to hundreds and you may end up with a decent amount of traffic." Eventually, software appeared which would submit your FFA links to hundreds of pages at a time. The solution to your traffic-building woes, right?

Internet Marketing Private Site

Why reinvent the wheel -- wasting time and money going it alone -- when a bunch of highly-successful Internet marketers and webmasters have SPILLED THE BEANS at an all new Private Web Site? Learn from our mistakes -- you'll have more time to actually grow your business!
We find it is like having a high paid consultant on tap - we just fire of questions to the Forum and get detailed expert repsonses.  Members can request a free site review.  A great place to bounce ideas - so you don't feel alone in Internet Marketing

Link & banner exchange

Attract traffice without losing visitors like traditional banner exchanges.

Each links page in the FFA-O-Matic community is part of a powerful system which incorporates a link exchange, banner exchange, and a click-through network. When used properly, this system can become deadly tool in your online marketing arsenal. At least once a week you should log into your account to get the emails stored in your database. Send one confirmation email, along with a short ad, to each of the email addresses in the list.


How many websites are linked to your site?

How many websites are linked to your site? 100, 1000, 10,000? A recent check at link showed that Yahoo has over one million links sprawled across the web. That's a lot of links.And while reaching that milestone at your site may seem impossible, it is important to at least grow your links regularly. The number will have a direct affect on your website traffic in many ways.

Vehicle ID Plates

Only 34.95 each for these beautiful, easy-to-install customized chrome plates. I.D. IT! Plates add the ultimate classy touch to your fine automobile and "drive" attention to your website, your email, your company name, product, phone number, car club - whatever you want to say. FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and FREE BONUSES

MAKE MONEY and BOOST BUSINESS at the same time with "Travelling Billboards". Elegant customized chrome plates promote your opportunity, product, company or website while you sit in traffic.

Word of Mouth

Let 'em Know! -- The Automated Traffic-Generator that's FREE In our recent survey, 81.25% of respondents said they would recommend a web site they liked to friends and associates if it used the FREE 'LetEmKnow referral system at It only takes 5 minutes to add a referral form to your site and it's 100% FREE

Click here to get yours RIGHT NOW and put your web site promotion on auto-pilot like thousands of other webmasters have already done. It's a no brainer!

Your own classified site

As you know, creating traffic and marketing on the Internet is a real challenge, but Ad Network has developed a magnificent system which really can help us find prospects. And it is so simple, as the best ideas usually are.
Ad Network is absolutely FREE to join, and because the system allows us to invite our friends and associates to join for FREE, our ads will quickly start appearing on hundreds if not thousands of Web sites all around the Internet.


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