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Revenue from Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are a top way of using your website to quickly generate revenue - if you promote them properly

 ( Please also refer to our Web Promotion Guide for effective web promotion tactics.) This guide will show you how to choose a reputable program that will pay (and be around a long time to reward your efforts) and how to succesfuly promote the program. 

We have also included a selection of proven programs that have stood the test of time and extensive examination and evaluation by top Internet Marketers.

It is important to select a program aligned to your areas of interest - then you will stay motivated.  Remember it takes perserverence to succeed.  The programs we recommend all have 'getting started kits' which will help you get going right away.

 Please be sure to read Jim Daniels excellent article on choosing an affiliate program first.




The Best Form of Affiliate Advertising Does Not Appear to Be Advertising

Affiliate programs Explained

Affiliate Programs Explained in Plain, Simple English

Affiliate Success

The Seven Keys to Success for Affiliates

Choosing affiliate programs

 How to Earn Bigger Commissions with Affiliate Programs

Internet Marketing ProShop

The best run affiliate program we have come across

Network Marketing

Oh boy, here we go with Network Marketing again...

Top Paying Affiliate Program

Join one of the highest paying affiliate programs on the Net

Training for Affiliate Marketing

The Benefits of Training: An Interview With Declan Dunn


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