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By Jim Daniels

Jim's traditional Network Marketing Warning and Disclaimer:

[On rare occasions I like to alert my readers to new internet companies. I reserve these alerts for companies with the potential to become one of those "if only I'd gotten in early" stories. You know, the web companies you hear about after it's too late. And while I certainly can't predict the future, I do keep one finger on the pulse of the net at all times. You are about to read about one of these fast-rising internet companies. It could turn out to be a mammoth home run or a dud. But there's really no risk involved, so do yourself a favor and at least give this a quick peek.]

You may remember a few weeks back, I wrote the following two sentences in my piece titled "Helath Food and Cigarettes"...

QUOTE: "While I've tried a few network marketing companies in the past without much luck, I still feel the internet is ripe for a solid internet services related MLM. If the right one were to come along I'd take a hard look at it."

Well, to my lack of surprise I was virtually inundated with opportunities after publishing that issue. And while I appreciate all the offers, the fact is, everything that came my way just wasn't up my alley.

Um, that is, until I received a message from a fellow by the name of Gilles Cote. It read...

>I'm a customer of your book "Insider Internet Marketing "
>and have read many of your articles on the subject of
>internet marketing. I've found your writing to be both
>factual and hype-free which I appreciate very much, but it
>is your latest article which I just finished reading
>"Health Food and Cigarettes" which prompted me to contact

(Good start Gilles -- a compliment usually gets my ego's attention!)

He continued...

>Jim, in the article, you mentioned that you haven't found
>any solid network marketing opportunities that fit your
>site theme. I felt the same way as webmaster of
> until I was introduced to Virtually Free
>Internet by Ted Holmes of CEBN, who like yourself is a
>respected Internet marketer.
>The concept is simple: Internet dialup for $15.00 per month
>across the United States. It comes with Web Space for
>hosting, email etc. At this point they provide dialup
>access to 25 percent of the US. That's over 50 million
>eligible people but the best part is they pay you for the
>life of every dialup customer you refer, 6 levels deep.
>If this sounds like something you'd like to investigate, I
>invite you to send an email to my autoresponder for more
>details. As a bonus, Ted has developed a self-replicating
>marketing system that will put your Virtually Free
>marketing results on autopilot. Once you get the details,
>you'll see why I think this is an opportunity not to be
>Yours sincerely,
>Gilles Cote
>Achieving Wealth From Home

Now let me explain something right up front. I'm not a big MLM guy. I've joined just two programs in my life and had little luck generating a substantial income from either of them. And I know how to market online.

And although I truly believe each one failed because of circumstances beyond my control (the sinking prices of long distance sank my first effort in 1996 and the failed NetOpp program was my last in 1997) I convinced myself that it would be a long time before I joined another.

Now that a few years have passed and my bad memories have faded, it looks like the time has come to try once more.

But why now?

Okay, time to be brutally honest...

Reason #1. The Money.

You see, I've seen the power of simple two-tier affiliate programs online. I earned over $80,000 this year promoting just two such programs. The income generating power of a "true" network marketing company online, frankly scares me.

With my experience in affiliate marketing I'm quite sure I can set up a long-lasting income with the right network marketing company. I've just been waiting for the right one to come along. And I believe it just may have. Which leads me to reason number two...

Reason #2. The Company.

I did as much homework as I could on this one. I devoured the site. I interrogated the reps. I called the company. I liked what I read and heard. Then I signed up for the ISP services they provide and to my surprise I found more than just a reliable connection. I found a solid ISP with dependable SMTP and POP servers. This can be hard to find in today's ISP marketplace. With all the requests for ISP referrals I get I can now refer folks to an inexpensive, solid choice.

Reason #3. The Money.

Oh, did I say that already? Well, here's my other twist on that... Online marketing can be hard work. This year I promoted the heck out of my site, Virtualis, IMC and more -- all while writing my latest book and developing the companion site I'll be marketing along with it. (Finally coming real soon...)

In all honesty, this stuff is still fun to me, but not quite as fun as it was last year. I'm afraid that in another few years I'll want to slow down from my four day schedule to three. Call me lazy but I'd like to have three or four automated income sources set up so I can do just that. And while this one program may not create a windfall of income by itself, it WILL create automated income growth.

The best part perhaps, is that they're still very new. And they look to have all the key ingredients in place:

Automated online signups of new customers.
Automated billing.
Automated affiliate marketing support including a new
foolproof affiliate tracking system which company has a
Patent pending on.

And while this automation is important on the internet, real people behind it is MORE important. Admittedly, a few calls to their corporate offices may not be a foolproof test, but it was nice to hear a real person answer the telephone each time.

I won't go into their payment plan here but it looks solid, paying a full $5 per month on your personal volume sales. Heck, there's even a free bonus of $2500 just for signing up 50 customers. I'll bet I can do that in no time.

If YOU have ever considered promoting any internet service through your site, this may be a good opportunity for you to earn money without the headaches. At the very least, you should be able to cover all your online charges and in effect, have free internet access. It takes just three referrals to do that.

In closing...

Will this company hit a home run? Only time will tell. But...

This Pre-IPO Internet services company seems to have it all together. So, I weighed my risk ($15 per month for ISP services which I desperately need a backup for anyway) and decided it was finally time to jump on MLM number three.

Maybe the third time is a charm?...

While I'm recommending it here today, I'd like YOU to judge for yourself if it's something you can get behind.

If this sounds even the least bit intriguing,
read more about this company while they're still relatively unknown. They've already moved into the top 3 of my business opportunity research and results page Who knows, you may thank me for this alert someday...

Best regards, Jim Daniels

Article by Jim Daniels of JDD Publishing.  Jim is a major contributor to the Internet Marketing Challenge, a free weekly Ezine from the pioneers of Internet Marketing.  Click here to subscribe for free

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