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Your pets will miss you but their environment remains intact. Visiting pet sitting services while you are away.

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Housesitting is a win for the home owner and the housesitter.

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Life as a property caretaker has unique rewards not found in a regular job

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Three succesfull matching sites - using the Access 2000 developed interactive confidential matching system. Quick success through: Instant online registrations, automatic email notifications; Privacy protection through secure message box's and nick names. Incorporating integration of two years of customer feedback and suggestions.

Earn affilate income of use the services for your own benefit.

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Internet Marketing ProShop

Mark Joyner, CEO of Aesop Marketing Corporation, a former U.S. Army officer and Cold War veteran of Military Intelligence, describes the Net as a killer battlefield. To win, he says, "you need killer tactics". In his interactive online marketing course
1001 Killer Marketing Tactics, Mark doesn't just offer a few clever techniques. He shows you how to take the conventional and turn it into the unconventional. This isn't vague theory. Mark is describing techniques he created which work. Excellent value.

We have evaluated a lot of Internet Maketing courses.  Most are hard to plough through - and are left unfinished. This course is far from dry - it will keep you interested with interactive checkpoints along the way to really get you thinking how you can apply what you learn to your own business.

The course is comprehensive - it does not just a cover a few areas.  You are shown how to look at the big picture - by devising your own batttle plan - then adapting tactics to fit in to your plan.

Mark's Internet Marketing ProShop Includes access to proven, ready made associate tools such as Swiss Army App, real-time reporting, a personal mentoring program (Mark works VERY hard to help you achieve sales), and more. There are two-tier commissions, paying up to 50% and a large back end of various products for entrepreneurs including web hosting and web promotion software. Lifetime commissions - the customers are yours for life.

A huge advantage of this program is that you receive commissions on whatever the customer buys. Just get people to visit the site and Mark does the selling for you.

And you will receive e-mail notification each time you make a sale. 

Mark recently added brilliant tracking to referral URLs so that you'll be able to tell exactly which link generated a sale. Fantastic! Highly recommended.

The affiliate tracking is the best we have seen.  It does not just rely on setting cookies. Your personal affiliate ID is included in all the follow up emails,newsletters  and free courses you can offer to your visitors. 

Get 1001 Killer Marketing Tactics here.

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