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Most Online Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs Are Failing!

 Most  Online Entrepreneurs Are Failing!

...Simply Because They Don't Know THIS:

(c) 1999, Dale Armin Miller

People always ask me, "What kinds of webpage presentations workbest?" And "How do I go about making the best banner?" "Whatads make the most money?" "Which press releases generate themost traffic?"

I always answer, "The ones written backwards." They always scream at me.

   "What the hell does that mean!?!"

I calm them down and explain:

First, you need to find a large group of people that you knowyou can get your webpage, ad, sign, TV commercial, banner, press release in front of ... repeatedly ... for very low cost.

(They're all over the place; just pick one.)
Now, consider this group of people. What are they like? What aretheir fears, desires, hopes? In short, what do they want?

Next, even if you don't need an ad, write an ad for it.

   "An ad about what?!"
Telling them what they want.

   "They already know what they want!"

Well, then, this is going to be easy: All you have to do is tell them that you've got it!

   "Got what? Where did I get it? I'm not even sure exactly what it IS."

Precisely: You only discover exactly what it is while you're writing.

   "Are you drunk?"

Now you're being forward!

   "I guess I didn't mean to be."

But I want you to try being BACKWARD.

And you do that by starting to write about what will excite your audience, about what will ease their fears or fulfill their needs. Make them salivate. Forget the grammer, ignore the spelling; just write from enthusiasm. Not much more than a first draft, mind you; but keep writing until the idea is so specific that you're *certain* you don't have it.

   "You're obviously GIVEN medication -- you're just not    SWALLOWING."

And make sure your copy is so exciting that even *you* want it.
Because then you're motivated enough to go out and find it, buy it, join it, invent it, write it, make it, hire someone to do
that, ... or discover that you really had it all along, Toto.

(If none of that is possible, then start over again on another idea about a different subject. Hence, "not much more than a first draft.")

So, now you have an 'it' -- your Ultra-Web-Widget 9000, an Employment-Opportunities-For-Hamsters Site, "Nuclear Arms Negotiating For Dummies," or whatever. And you have the first draft of your copy about it.

NOW you can maximize your copy's impact using benefit translation, power phrases, branding, closing, repetition, graphics, and all the rest.

But, as long as you began your idea "backwards," it will actually be hard for you to not make some money from it. (I know that it's made me a millionaire twice, and it's proving itself again, now on the web.)


This is from the Creating Value section of The SUCCESS Arsenal![tm]

The author is busy there stockpiling Internet-marketing resources, tactics and tools for small and home businesses. You don't need a security clearance just to visit -- but no smoking within 500 feet.