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About Us

Company Overview

Access 2000 Pty Ltd provides solutions for small business around the globe.  We see our clients are partners - with the common objective of reaching our maximum potential..  

Mission Statement

We aim to provide the world wide business community with proven, innovative and competitively priced products and services that will give business the  edge to survive and grow. Wherever possible we aim to provide access to free information to encourage small business to grow by avoiding debt.

Company Background

Access 2000  was established in 1995. We  were pioneers in providing small business with low cost quality long distance telecommunications.  We have also provided consulting expertise to assist many Australian businesses set up call centres.

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The Access 2000 Developed Business Stable

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Housesitting is a win for the home owner and the housesitter.

Life as a property caretaker has unique rewards not found in a regular job

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Ian White, Marketing Manager
Access 2000 Pty Ltd

PO Box 741
Narrabeen, Sydney
NSW 2101 Australia

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Phone: 61 2 9999 6270



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