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Starting your own pet sitting services business

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The Access 2000 Developed Business Stable

Your pets will miss you but their environment remains intact. Visiting pet sitting services while you are away.

Housesitting is a win for the home owner and the housesitter.

Life as a property caretaker has unique rewards not found in a regular job

Click here to Find a Pet Sitter
Click here to become a Pet Sitter

Click here to Find a Housesitter
Click here to become a housesitter

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Click here to become a Caretaker


Earn 50% commission

Earn 50% commission

Earn 50% commission






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Matching cat lovers and cat breeders worldwide. Automated email notification of matches in your area.



Click here to find dog breeders/ post puppy wanted ad
Click here to register as a dog breeder or, post, puppy for sale ad

Click here to find cat breeders or post kitten wanted ad
Click here to register as a cat breeder, or post, kitten for sale ad



Earn 50% commission

Earn 50% commission

Five successful matching sites - using the Access 2000 developed interactive confidential matching system. Quick success through: Instant online registrations, automatic email notifications Privacy protection through secure message box's and nick names. Incorporating integration of four years of customer feedback and suggestions.


Today more than ever Small  Business needs innovation guidence and encouragement

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The small business sector is the most dynamic and innovative in any economy. Even Microsoft started in a garage.  We will help you write down your vision and develop a strategy for success.

This site is committed to providing accessible and easily digested practical information to assure small business success.

Our small business start up guides may help you kickstart your dream or help you run your existing business smarter.

Don't learn the hard way - every small business can learn the disciplines necessary for success. Small business tips distills hundreds of man years of experience  into an accessible format.


Get ahead as a Housesitter

Home owners search for FREE our extensive Worldwide database of registered housesitters. Find suitable responsible people to care for your home while you are away. Communicate with them with complete confidentiality.
Please click here for list of Home Owner benefits of engaging house sitters

House sitters make yourself immediately available by registering online for our FREE trial. Please click here for Housesitter benefits is a venture of the Access 2000 Resource centre.. was built to serve the needs of Home Owners across the globe. We use the power of the Internet to provide Home Owners with resources to ensure a successful House Sit. We provide a secure non-threatening environment.

HouseCarers also provides responsible Housesitters with the opportunities to help achieve their financial and personal goals.

Confidentiality assured.

Home Owners and sitters receive a free private message box.
You are notified by email each time a message arrives in your private HouseCarers message box. Your email address remains confidential.

World wide reach is the first world wide on-line registry of House Sitters. Our sophisticated (but simple to use) House sitting matching system will find candidates in your area. Read our article - housesitting in Australia

No Waiting

Members can add and update their own details - and changes are refreshed immediately on our web site. (Viewable by Home Owner's instantly)

Free Housesitting Guide

Our FREE Housesitting Guide takes Home Owners step by step through the process of selecting a House Sitter and setting out a House Sitting agreement.

 Earn 50 % Comission from Popular World Wide Trend invites you to join us in promoting one of the fastest growing popular trends in the world today. is an International House Sitting Database.

You can earn 50% commission by linking to us.

Homeowners can join for free. Housesitters can join for free trial (but must upgrade to full membership US$32.00 for 1 year to receive a message from homeowners.)

This is a booming worldwide trend - you can benefit from. Our affiliate program  only takes a jiffy to set up and if free to join  at

Find Australian house sitters in our online house sitting directory

Other Access 2000 Ventures:

Property Caretaking in Australia and worldwide -

Escape the rat race and live rent free as a property caretaker. Confidential matching worldwide

Pet Sitting in Australia and worldwide - trading as Australian Petsitters directory

Pet sitting is listed as one of the worlds fastest growing and most accessible businesses. Enjoy flexibility and satisfaction in an industry where you can put your love for animals into action.

Boost your pet sitting business by joining the Internet's first interactive confidential pet sitting matching service. Be found in simple but powerful searches for pet sitters

Immediate registration and real time updates allow instant viewing of your profile by pet owners.

Start your own pet sitting business.

Combine your your love for animals with small business success.  This business can be run from your own  home and requires very little capital to startup.  Find out about Pet sitting contracts, Pet Sitting FormsPet Sitting Insurance and more. Run your own business with a schedule to suit yourself... and learn about other related add-on services that you can use to supplement your income. How to start a pet sitting business

Add your dog breeding service to world wide dog breeders directory

Pet Owners

Find Dog Breeders or place puppy wanted ads worldwide

Screen our registered pet sitters, dog walkers, pet day care facilities, and related, by age, availability, location, services, and other criteria. Find pet sitters with honesty, reliability, flexibility and a love for animals.

Find a housesitter in Austalia
House sitting services

Find house sitters in New Zealand
House sitting in New Zealand

Find house sitters in United Kingdom
House sitting in United Kingdom

Purebred Kitten Wanted Ads. Kittens wanted worldwide

Dog Pictures - all purebred dog breeds